Program Structure

The emphasis of the doctoral program is on dissertation research. The formal course work and other requirements provide a foundation for the student to undertake original and creative research in a topic area selected in consultation with the thesis advisor.

The program will have sufficient flexibility to meet the student’s research interests. Student along with his/her committee construct a doctoral program, which includes the following:


  • Doctoral Seminar
  • Models, Data & Inference for Socio-Technical Systems
  • Social Science Concepts & Methods Subject


  • Two subjects that build upon the students’ fundamental supply chain systems knowledge and extend it to application


Depth in Domain / Context
  • Four advanced, doctoral-level subjects or equivalent in a traditional domain of inquiry (such as economics, operations research, psychology and social psychology, etc.)


Depth in Methodology
  • Three advanced, doctoral-level subjects in an established methodology – preferably qualitative and quantitative methodology


  • Relevant subjects that complete a substantial program of at least 18 graduate level credit hours

The Ph.D. program is a full-time and course-based program. The students must spend at least four semesters in residence; the expected length of the program is five years. The first four semesters are devoted to course content; after passing the qualification (comprehensive) exam, students would enter into research period, which is expected to last at least four semesters. Those applicants with undergraduate degree must take MISI’s master program (Master of Science in Supply Chain Management – MSCM) in first year, which accounts for in total 36 credit hours excluding 12 credit hour for the thesis.The students are required to be present on the campus throughout the program.

At least one semester out of 8 semesters of PhD program takes place at MIT Engineering Systems Division in Boston, USA. Depending on the semester, a number of courses would be available to be taken in a given semester at MIT and the students will be notified about the required courses to be taken while they spend either one or two semesters at MIT.