Part-Time Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (PSCM)

The MISI Master of Science in supply chain management program is built on the top-ranked curriculum created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Centre for Transportation & Logistics (MIT-CTL) that has offered globally recognised programs in logistics and supply chain education since 1998. The MIT Masters in supply chain management program is World Ranked Number One (#1) by “Eduniversal” in 2015-2016 & 2016-2017.

Qualified supply chain professionals are now an essential and integral part of any organisation and are crucial for shaping strategic agenda. The PSCM program strives to equip its students with cutting edge expertise in both problem solving and change leadership skills while expanding their knowledge and critical thinking in Supply Chain Management.

The PSCM program can enhance career development prospects by filling the high demand for talented supply chain professionals needed globally and especially in the Asia region. At MISI we strongly believe the PSCM program is a means to upscale career prospects and earnings. MISI is very proud to be the only centre in Malaysia able to offer this specialised supply chain management & procurement education program.

About the PSCM program
MISI’s master of science degree in supply chain management offers a unique combination of a world-class supply chain education taught in a truly global setting at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The program is designed for professionals with demanding work schedules who aspire to further hone their skills and expertise within the supply chain domain while aiming to improve their academic and professional profile. The curriculum follows the same MIT Global SCALE network curriculum with lectures taught by a global mix of MIT Global SCALE faculty. The curriculum is intended to cultivate strategic thinking, addressing industry needs by supplying talented students equipped with sought after supply chain management skills. The program includes both 'taught' and 'research' components. 48 credit units are required to graduate on this modular based program. Every effort is made to balance the topics and workload for each module to allow students to study supply chain management theory and practice in the most effective manner. Each year there are two intakes in January and July. Classes are held at weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The program offers significant flexibility in terms of attendance and allows up to to Five (5) years for completion, enabling students with hectic work schedules to complete at their own pace. The MISI Campus strives to provide a dynamic environment that seeks to promote innovation and excellence; its facilities include lecture halls, student area, student lounge, gymnasium, library, auditorium, administration and faculty areas and not forgetting the campus cafeteria. PSCM students are an impressive batch of competent professionals who share the same passion for knowledge in supply chain management. They stem from all sectors of industry and organisations which include, finance, IT, consultancy, sales, transport, distribution, warehousing, oil and gas and education. Their job functions cover the full spectrum, from first, second and third line manager, Consultant, Officer, Executive, Director or self-employed. The average age of a student is 35 years. MIT interaction (SCALE Connect) is offered to PSCM high achievers. This is a unique opportunity for students to attend the SCALE Connect semester at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts USA, where Students from all Global SCALE network centres meet in January each year to participate in a wide variety of activities; which include, forums, lecture series, simulation games, site visits, recitals, contests, a research fest and much more. For those PSCM high performers who meet the criteria, MISI will pay their airfare and provide accommodation. Admission to the Program is open to students who hold a minimum first degree (in any discipline) from an accredited university. Students can be from any sector of the economy; manufacturing, procurement, services, transportation, retailing, Sales etc. Beyond education, a minimum of 2 years work experience is preferred. Prospective students will need to have a good command and comprehension of English. Financing for the program is offered on a modular basis with an easy “Pay as You Go” method of payment. Students pay for each course module as they take it, so there’s no need to invest the entire fee beforehand. The program cost is MYR 63,250 and MISI offers MYR 20,000 scholarship to qualifying Malaysian citizens. There is also an early bird reduction of MYR 2,000 for those who sign up within the specified time frame. Financial advice and help with EPF withdrawal is also available at MISI.
Class Profile
INDUSTRY BACKGROUND Automotive, Construction, Consulting, Education, Engineering, FMCG, Food, Logistics, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Technology, Telecommunication
Student Testimonial
“Throughout the course, MISI has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and to be more critical in thinking. Such added values promotes competitive edge which empower us to compete in the real world. All in all, I am truly honored to be here learning among unique and passionate people around the world.”

Usaid Othman PSCM Graduate 2019

"MISI really help me as Asia Category Sourcing Manager for my company. I was enjoyed working while learning as the course structures has help me to understand various aspect of procurement strategy and has enlightened me to apply sourcing strategy linked to carbon foot print reduction and sustainability."

Lee Chee Chung PSCM Graduate 2019