Business Improvement

MISI’s faculty members have expertise that cuts across most verticals in the supply chain domain. Coupled with their industry experience, MISI faculty members are able to support companies looking for expert advice on matters relating to their business. The advisory services provided by MISI is normally coupled with application based research projects. The two approach companies can take to gain insights into their business will be through the Student Thesis Research Project or Funded Research with Advisory.

Student Thesis Research Project

Students in the MSCM program are required to complete a thesis research project, and project are solicited from the industry. Companies can suggest project to gain some insight into a their operations or business. The projects will be undertaken by the MSCM students with guidance from the faculty members.

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Funded Research with Advisory

The funded research projects are projects of a larger scope and will be undertaken by a faculty members directly with the assistance of MISI researches.

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