Auto industry and the post-COVID scenario by Dr. V. Sumantran

Author: Dr. V. Sumantran

Dr Sumantran is an Adjunct Professor at MISI. 

He is that unique combination of business leader, technocrat, academic and author, having lived and worked in the US, Europe and Asia over a 30+ year career. He is Chairman of Celeris Technologies and an advisor to several Fortune-100 organizations in autos, technology, industrial equipment, and aerospace. 

He was Executive Vice-Chairman of Hinduja Automotive, UK, as well as Vice Chairman of Ashok Leyland, India’s 2nd largest Commercial Vehicle manufacturer. Prior to this, he was Member of the Board at Tata Motors and the Chief Executive Officer of TATA Motors’ Car business. 

Dr. Sumantran has served on the Science Advisory Council of the Prime Minister of India, as Chairman of the National Defence Council of the Confederation of Indian Industries and on the Advisory Board of the Fraunhofer Institutes (Germany). He was also President, Automotive Research Association of India.

In the following series or articles written for the OpEd pages of The Hindu newspaper in India, he discusses the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the auto industry and makes recommendations for the industry as it recovers from this crisis.

Published at: The Hindu BusinessLine
List of articles:

  1. The automobile sector can overcome this crisis
  2. Auto industry post Covid-19: Stewardship of cash and capital
  3. Covid-19: An opportunity or a setback for electric vehicles?
  4. The supply chain challenges in restarting the auto industry after Covid
  5. Future urban mobility post Covid-19

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