Funded Research Projects

What is a Funded Research Project (with Advisory)?

A project worked on collaboratively between MISI and the project sponsor to solve a real-world challenge faced by the sponsor organization. It is an applied research project, whose findings give actionable recommendations to the organization. These are not consulting projects: challenges that qualify for funded research projects are unique and do not have well-defined “template”ized solutions. The typical outcomes of such projects are innovative approaches to address the challenges. MISI researchers accept each funded research project with two objectives: provide an actionable solution and generate new scholarly insights. The projects last for between six months and two years.­

MISI Area of Expertise and project focus

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Supply Chain Optimization, Integration
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Scenario Planning
  • Supply Chain Planning, Inventory Management
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Transportation Management, Multi-modal Logistics
  • Business Process Re-engineering


How Can Organizations Propose Projects to MISI?

The sponsor organization presents its challenge to the entire MISI faculty. A faculty member with suitable background engages with the sponsor as the principal investigator (PI). MISI PI explores the challenge with the sponsor to scope out a collaborative research project, and drafts a proposal with financials. A formal agreement is drafted and signed by both parties. From here, the MISI PI and the sponsor draft a project plan, form the project team, and commence work on the research project.


Examples of Past Projects

A global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company: MISI researchers developed and applied a method to trace and document the sources of palm oil procured by the company, down to the level of individual mills and farms. After successfully completing the first project, the company funded a second project to provide a more detailed picture of sustainable farming practices of up to 80,000 smallholders in the company’s supply chain.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials: A MISI faculty member worked on the core team of MIT researchers to design scenarios of global trade and led the design of scenario planning workshops. The scenarios and the workshops are used by various transportation planning agencies in the US to plan long-term investments in the region’s freight transportation infrastructure. This two-year project received US$1 million funding and was completed in June 2011.


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