Dr. Javad Feizabadi
Dr. Javad Feizabadi

Associate Professor, Director of PhD Program and Winter Academy, Director of Mobility Center of Excellence (MCE)

Dr. Javad Feizabadi is an associate professor at MIT Global SCALE Network – Malaysia institute for supply chain innovation (MISI) and a research associate with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also the director of a Ph.D. program and Ph.D. Winter academy as well as Mobility Center of Excellence at MISI.

Dr. Feizabadi’s primary research interest focuses on designing and managing supply chains in a highly volatile business landscape. Specifically, he investigates the challenges associated with supply chain configurations, which are exposed to various sources of turbulence. Contributing to the scholarly domain of adaptable supply chain in both nascent and established markets has been the main concentration of his research. Dr. Feizabadi’s research is not constrained by the method. He uses different research designs as long as there is a fit between the state of scholarly literature and the data/research question. In some of his recent research projects, he has utilized various research designs, including grounded theory, mathematical modeling, survey and field experiments, etc. wherever the research question/data matches with the state of literature.

Research Interest

  • Supply chain agility and adaptability
  • Supply chain ambidexterity
  • Type and effect of interdependent attributes to design supply chains/supply networks

Teaching Courses

  • Supply chain planning,
  • Operations management,
  • Supply chain finance.



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  • Feizabadi J. (2013). “Supply Chain Risk and Reward for Malaysia’s Automakers,” Supply Chain Frontiers, 49.

Conference Presentations


  • Feizabadi, J. (2019, September). Designing an Ambidextrous Supply Chain, POMS International Conference, Brighton, United Kingdom.
  • Feizabadi, J. (2019, September). Supply Chain Strategy Evolution in Nascent Markets, POMS International Conference, Brighton, United Kingdom.


  • Feizabadi J. (2018, June). Aligning Customer and Supplier Facing Activities in Supply Chain: A Consumer Packaged Goods Industry View, European Operations Management Association (EUROMA) Conference, Budapest, Hungary
  • Feizabadi J. (2018, March). Repurposing The Power of Block Chain, Asia Strategy and Leadership Institute, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Feizabadi J. (2018, January). How Start-up and Entrepreneurial Supply Chains/Firms Develop New Business Models Based on Operations/Supply Chain Innovation, 2nd Biologistics Conference, Singapore


  • Feizabadi J. (2017, December). The Effects of Relational Capability on Supply Chain Adaptability: The Moderating Role of Effective Governance Mechanisms, Production and Operations Management Conference, Sydney, Australia
  • Feizabadi J. (2017, September). Smart Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and IoT on Labour, Capital and Knowledge Intensive Industries in ASEAN Region, Jakarta Indonesia
  • Feizabadi J. (2017, May). The Triple-A Supply Chain as A Source of Competitive Advantage: Scale Development and Model Testing, European Research Seminar, Barcelona, Spain
  • Feizabadi, J. (2017, March). Nascent Markets and Supply Chain Development (Bio, Nano and ICT technologies), Keynote presentation at Bio Pharma Asia Convention 2017, Singapore.


  • Feizabadi, J. (2016, August). Supply chain strategy in automotive industry, Keynote speech at 3rd Asian Automotive Manufacturing Summit, Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Feizabadi, J. (2016, April). Automotive global value chains and developing countries, Keynote speech at 5th Annual South East Asia Summit, Jakarta, Indonesia.


  • Feizabadi, J., Singh M., Alibakhshi M. (2015, August). An investigation into the effectiveness of strategy theories in explaining supply chain performance using archival data, Presented at the International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China.

Research Projects

  • Maersk Shipping Co. (2019). The future of the automotive component supply chain. A joint project with MIT center for transportation and logistics. Principal Researcher
  • Malaysia Ministry of Education, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, “Designing an ambidextrous supply chain”
  • Malaysia Ministry of Education, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, “Adaptation of supply chain strategy in nascent markets: Nano, bio information/ communication technology sectors”
  • Redesigning electronic supply chain for AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) preparation, in collaboration with Chiang Mia University of Thailand, Malaysia, 2013
  • Redesigning steel supply chain for AEC preparation, in collaboration with King Mongut University of Technology of Thailand, Malaysia 2014
  • Redesigning automotive supply chain for AEC preparation, in collaboration with King Mongut University of Technology of Thailand, Malaysia, 2013

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