POS Malaysia Shah Alam Facility Visit

05 Dec 16

The MSCM Class of 2017 visited POS Malaysia’s National Mail and Parcel Hub in Shah Alam, Selangor on 24th November 2016. The visit gave the students an exciting first hand insight into the extensive logistics involved in a very active parcel processing and distribution operation. The full tour extended beyond two hours. The company’s operations covers many different service offerings – from express parcels to registered mail deliveries.

POS Malaysia Visit

The company also manages routine letter size deliveries, which are printed, sorted and fulfilled under monthly contractual arrangements with different service institutions and government entities around Malaysia (banks, insurance, national utilities). It was enlightening to witness POS Malaysia’s approach to handling the operations to meet these differing levels of service and stakeholder requirements. The students also witnessed live, the process modification undertaken by POS Malaysia, which allowed them to transition and sustain success despite constant changes in market demand.

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