Registration Day For PSCM January 2017 Intake

22 Dec 16

pscm registration

MISI’s flag ship program “Master of Science in Supply Chain Management” was first presented as a full time program, and two years later was offered as a part-time program. The Part-Time Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (PSCM) program is specifically designed for professionals with a demanding work schedule. The program has significant flexibility in terms of attendance and allows between 2 – 5 years for completion. The PSCM program is aimed to give long-term benefits for expanding knowledge and critical thinking in Supply Chain Management, while at the same time enhancing career development.

On December 20th, the registration to formally enroll 15 new students onto the PSCM program for the January 2017 intake began. Registration was split over three days to accommodate student work schedules. The students, many of whom received MISI scholarships, will be the 7th intake of PSCM students, at the beginning of the 4th year of the program.

The morning began with a warm welcome to new students after which the administration process swung into action, by individually processing each new student. Starting in room one, MISI’s Events Executive, Zaleha carried out the administration procedures, which included validation of all documentation, registration for courses offered on the schedule, the EPF withdrawal procedure, and ending with presenting students their MISI Welcome Pack. Johari, IT Executive, continued by setting up students’ email addresses and access to the MISI eClass platform. Students then moved to room two where Finance Executives, Prema and Wan, covered all financial matters. In room three Marketing Executive, Faiz captured their photos for the website and their ID card.

After a brief Q&A with students which included a refresher on the schedule, thesis and case study writing, The Independent Activities Period (IAP), and more details on course activities, the final stage continued with Administration Manager, Asnol and Marketing Executive, Syed Ismail, giving students a guided tour of MISI campus, which involved meeting MISI Faculty and staff, and viewing the Lecture halls, Student area, Student Lounge, Gymnasium, Library, Auditorium, Administration and Faculty areas, and not forgetting the Campus Cafeteria, where finally a group photo was taken.

PSCM students for January 2017 intake promise to be an impressive batch of competent professionals from many varied industries and academic backgrounds, all having the same passion for knowledge in supply chain management. Students hail from diverse backgrounds including, Finance, IT, Consultancy, Sales, Transport, Distribution, Warehousing, Oil and Gas, and Education. Some of the companies represented are Tesco, eCEOs, Shell, MOHE, Deloitte, Schlumberger, Help University, Bison, BCS, AIG, Demag, Air Liquid and Vale. All students are at managerial level, with many holding different Manager titles and other positions that include Consultant, Officer, Specialist, or Director roles. The average age of student is 35 years.

MISI congratulates all new students for being selected for the PSCM program. The students are joining a world-class institution that aims to give them the highest quality experience, and to this end, MISI looks forward to working with them, in achieving their goals.

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