What is a Funded Research Project (with Advisory)?

A project worked on collaboratively between MISI University and the project sponsor to solve a real-world challenge faced by the sponsor organization. It is an applied research project, whose findings give actionable recommendations to the organization. These are not consulting projects: challenges that qualify for funded research projects are unique and do not have well-defined “template”ized solutions. The typical outcomes of such projects are innovative approaches to address the challenges. MISI researchers accept each funded research project with two objectives: provide an actionable solution and generate new scholarly insights. The projects last for between six months and two years.­

MISI Area of Expertise and project focus

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Supply Chain Optimization, Integration
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Scenario Planning
  • Supply Chain Planning, Inventory Management
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Transportation Management, Multi-modal Logistics
  • Business Process Re-engineering


How Can Organizations Propose Projects to MISI?

The sponsor organization presents its challenge to the entire MISI faculty. A faculty member with suitable background engages with the sponsor as the principal investigator (PI). MISI PI explores the challenge with the sponsor to scope out a collaborative research project, and drafts a proposal with financials. A formal agreement is drafted and signed by both parties. From here, the MISI PI and the sponsor draft a project plan, form the project team, and commence work on the research project.

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