Thesis Research Project

The MIT-Malaysia Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is a rigorous 9+ month program of courses and hands-on research. Each student is required to write a masters thesis. MISI’s great strength, and one, which supports the MSCM program’s world class ranking for supply chain education, is it partnerships with industry. Companies are invited to submit thesis projects for consideration by the students. This is a great opportunity for the students to work with your supply chain professionals as they jointly tackle a real-world problem. The project team will be guided by the MIT Global SCALE faculty, who have deep experience in the relevant topic area.

What Companies Can Expect?

Typically companies that partner with MISI on the thesis project initiative would suggest projects from specific areas or challenges within their operations or industry, in which they would like to gain more insight. These suggested research topics will then be put forward to our master’s students, who will in turn, adopt them as their thesis project. The student would take 6 – 9 months to complete the project.

The results from these projects will be presented to the participating organization, who will typically use the insights gained from these projects, to facilitate business strategy formulation, or in fact, use the findings to initiate their own improvement project.

Companies that Have Sponsored Projects:

Thesis Project Listing

MSCM Class of 2017
Thesis Topic Industry
Inventory Planning Model for various Market segments with different demand patterns and channel strategy (Draft) Steel
Optimal method for forecasting demand in an un-certain environment (Draft) Automotive
End-to-end inventory reduction in the Pharmaceuticals industry (Draft) Pharmaceutical
Intimate Apparel - Strategies to optimize the management of "fashion concept" (Draft) Fashion
Finished Goods Inventory and Switch point (Draft) Pharmaceutical
Identifying Root Causes for Missed on-time Deliveries (Draft) Apparel
Inventory management modelling for product passing through various stages of its lifecycle (Draft) Chemical
MSCM Class of 2016
Thesis Topic Industry
Cross-Functional Integration in an Engineer-To-Order Supply Chain Diversified
Enhancing Performance in a Hub Distribution System Diversified
Decision Framework for Localization of Pharmaceutical Manufacture with Applications to Malaysia and Indonesia Pharmaceutical
Facility Location: Quantitative Scenario Development for Regret Based Approach Diversified
Vessel Strategy for Greenfield Oil & Gas Project Oil & Gas
Improving Traceability for Better Performance Automotive
F&B Supply Chain Performance Measurement Food
MSCM Class of 2015
Thesis Topic Industry
Balancing Risk and Efficiency of Interaction in an Internal Supply Chain of a Oil Service Company Oil and Gas
Assessment Framework for Lead Logistics Provider (L.L.P.) 3PL
Cost and Benefits of Order Flexibility Retail
Supplying Small Shops in Megacities FMCG
Regional Distribution Centre Location Develop and Apply a Framework Food
Logistics Cost Optimization for Specialty Food Ingredient Industry in Asia Pacific Region Food
Strategic Sourcing Decision in Infant Nutrition Industry Nutrition
China E-Commerce Operational Model Development Fashion
The Optimal Inventory Policy for Perishable Products Under Packaging Postponement Food
Developing E-Commerce Supply Chain Capabilities for an FMCG Manufacturer FMCG
Demystifying Industry 4.0 Implications of Internet of Things and Services for the Chemical Industry Chemical
Optimal Vehicle Routing Apparel
Upstream Supply Chain Analysis for Oil Palm Oil Palm
MSCM Class of 2014
Thesis Topic Industry
Demand Forecasting for Perishable Commodities A Case Study of Inflight Food Demand for Low Cost Airline Aviation
A Supply Chain Innovation Maturity Model: A Case Study in Chemical Supply Chain Chemical
Supply Chain Organizational Structure to Support Business Growth Food
Form Postponement in Apparel Industry Apparel
Optimal Quality Assurance For Mass Production Apparel Industry Apparel
Locating the Decoupling Point in Component-Board System Supply Chain Electronics
A Framework for Customer Collaboration Case Study in FMCG Food
Managing Stock Availability in East Malaysia Food
Distribution Network Optimization: A Case Study FMCG
A Framework For Measuring Carbon Emissions For Inbound Transportation And Distribution Networks Fashion
Engineer-to-Order Service Supply Chain Organization Oil and Gas
Distribution Facility Location in Humanitarian Logistics Humanitarian
Evolution of Mega Suppliers in the Automotive Industry Automotive
On-shelf Availability Strategies in Coffee Industry Retail
Cold Chain Evaluation Framework in a Fragmented Market Retail
Reducing Variability in Order Quantity Industrial
Framework for Cold Chain Implementation Vegetable Value Chain Study Govt
Demand Leveling by Supply Chain Collaboration Packaging
Pharmaceutical Cold Chain in Emerging Economics – The Case of China Pharmaceuticals
Transport Optimization for 3PL in Emerging Countries 3PL
MSCM Class of 2013
Thesis Topic Industry
Implications of Customer Roles in Service Supply Chain Oil and Gas
Logistics service outsourcing in a multi business firm Diversified
Intermodal corridor alternatives between Asia and Central & Eastern Europe Shipping
Optimizing and Rationalizing Product Portfolio for the Poultry Processing Industry Poultry
A Summary and Classification of Logistics Hub Research 3PL
Statistical Model to Validate Sales Force Driven Forecast Healthcare
Inventory Management and Transportation Mode Selection for Chemical Supplies in Oilfield Services Industry Oil and Gas
Online shopping order fulfillment process for an Health and Beauty Retailer in Singapore Retail
A Maturity Model for Customer-Dominated Relationships Food
Chartering vs. Commercial Air-Freight from UNHRD Subang in Response to Disaster in Southeast Asia Humanitarian
Supply Chain Insights for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia SME
Assessment Model for Outsourced Pick-Up and Delivery Operations 3PL
Optimizing Inventory for a Multiechelon Supply Chain Food
Toward More Reliable Sourcing: Combatting Counterfeit Electronic Components in the United States Department of Defense Supply Chain Electronics
Managing Supply Uncertainty in the Poultry Supply Chain Poultry