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1 Day


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RM 1400 (Class)
RM 1000 (Online)

Course Date:

8 June 2022 (Class)
20 July 2022 (Online)

Program Overview

The course demonstrates the application of shariah in halal logistics by exploring its relationship with maqasid shariah, applying the shariah principles to all logistics activities. Accordingly, based on existing related fatwas, critical control points were identified from shariah perspectives. This course also provides the justifications of conducting cleansing as according to shariah, the types of Najs as well as the guidelines of cleansing.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed to have an in-depth understanding on the shariah perspectives in relation to halal logistics and its justifications. Various guidelines on how to implement the halal logistics activities were also elaborated. Professionals in the halal industry will benefit from this course because he/she will be competent personnel who shall be able to ensure halal compliance of the entire logistics supply chain process with the requirements set by the halal authority.

Program Content Highlights

  • Explaining Halal Logistics concept and its relationship with maqasid shariah.
  • Applying the shariah principles to Halal Logistics activities.
  • Identifying the critical points in Halal Logistics activities through existing related fatwas.
  • Describing the concept of Najs al-Mughallazah and the Procedure in Performing Sertu according to the Shariah Law.
  • Describing the critical issues in the process of performing Sertu in Halal Logistics activities.

All our short courses are under HRDCorp claimable course (SBL-Khas) scheme, subject to prior application to HRD Corp by the employers/companies.

Program No: 10001167587
Provider Name: Malaysia Logistics Innovation Berhad
Training Provider ID No: 936566


The Concept of Halal Logistics and its Relationship with Maqasid Shariah

  • What is Halal?
  • Halal Logistics
  • What is Maqasid Shariah?
  • Maqasid Shariah in Halal Logistics Operations

Shariah Principles in Halal Logistics

  • Basic Asl
  • Prohibition of Things
  • The Right of Allah in Halal and Haram
  • Prohibition and Permission of Halal and Haram

Halal Critical Control Point (HCCP) Activities from Existing Related Fatwas

  • Warehousing and Related Activities
  • Slaughterhouse and Premise
  • Transportation
  • Retailing
  • Existing Related Fatwas on Halal Logistics

The Concept of Najs Al-Mughallazah and the Procedure in Performing Sertu

  • What is Sertu?
  • Najs al-Mughallazah according to the School of al-Syafi’ie
  • Definition of Terms
  • The Wisdom behind Sertu

Critical Issues in the Process of Performing Sertu in Halal logistics Activities.

  • Procedure to Perform Sertu.
  • Conditions in Preparing the Suspension
  • The Different Methods of Sertu
  • Conditions to Perform Sertu and Exemption
  • Monitoring Sertu Procedure
  • Group Activity

Trainers & Industry Experts

Dr. Mohd Dasuqkhi Mohd Sirajuddin
Dr. Mohd Dasuqkhi Mohd Sirajuddin

Senior Lecturer, Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam

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