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1 Day


9.00 AM - 5.00 PM


RM 1,600 (Online)
RM 2,800 (Classroom)

Course Date:

9 June 2022 (Online)
21 July 2022 (Classroom)

Program Overview

The course demonstrates guidance to sanitation activities for quality assurance for the halal logistics operators. For halal logistics operators dealing with products such as foods, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods in particular, a commitment to quality is a paramount area of focus, as their end users directly consume or use the products. Quality assurance plays an important role as it helps the companies consistently deliver safe and consistent products to the end users and is therefore essential to business performance.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed to have an in-depth understanding of how to ensure the quality of halal products during transportation, warehousing and retailing activities. Professionals in the halal industry will benefit from this course because he/she will be competent personnel who shall be able to ensure halal compliance of the entire logistics supply chain process with the requirements set by the halal authority.

Program Content Highlights

  • The types of contaminations normally occur in Halal Logistics operations.
  • The importance of sanitation activities and best practices in Halal Logistics operations.
  • The common quality assurance practices in Halal Logistics operations.

All our short courses are under HRDCorp claimable course (SBL-Khas) scheme, subject to prior application to HRD Corp by the employers/companies.

Program No: 10001168296 
Provider Name: Malaysia Logistics Innovation Berhad
Training Provider ID No: 936566


Hazards in Halal Logistics Operations

  • Introduction to products in Halal Logistics business according to Malaysia Halal Certification Schemes.
  • Understanding on contaminants and cross-contaminations in Halal Logistics operations.

Sanitation Activities in Halal Logistics Operations

  • Definition and purposes of sanitation activities in Halal Logistics operations.
  • Various sanitation practices in Halal Logistics operations.

Understanding Quality Assurance Practices in Halal Logistics Operations

  • Understand the quality assurance practices in Halal Logistics operations.
  • Description on various Quality Management Systems.
  • Issues in Quality Assurance Practices in Halal Logistics Operations.

Group Activity

Trainers & Industry Experts

Dr. Noriham Abdullah
Dr. Noriham Abdullah

Certified Halal Trainer and Certified Halal Auditor under Halal Professional Board JAKIM

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