Society of Automotive Engineers, China Congress and Exhibition (SAECCE – Shanghai Oct 24-27, 2017)

31 Oct 17


Dr V. Sumantran (Chairman, Celeris Technologies and Adjunct Professor at MISI) presented his keynote address “The future of the car and urban mobility” to about 2000 attendees at the SAECCE on October 25th in Shanghai. Dr Sumantran’s presentation was based on his recent book “Faster, Smarter, Greener – The Future of the Car and Urban Mobility” co-authored with Dr. David Gonsalvez, MISI CEO & Rector, and Dr. Charles Fine, President and Dean, ASB.

Dr. Sumantran’s presentation was very well received by an audience of automotive veterans, young engineers, and students whose enthusiasm and energy bode well for the future of the automotive industry and mobility in China.

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