The Center for Sustainable Small-owners (CSS) hosted the First General Meeting of Independent Smallholders Association (PERTANIAGA)

23 Jul 20

Batu Pahat, June 30, 2020 — Pertubuhan Tani Niaga Lestari Negeri Johor (PERTANIAGA), an Independent Smallholders Association formed under the Registrar of Society Malaysia (ROS) conducted its first General Meeting on 30th June 2020 at CSS-P&G Office, UTHM. The meeting was hosted and facilitated by Field Officers from the Centre for Sustainable Small-owners (CSS) at MISI.


This first official meeting for PERTANIAGA was chaired by the president, Hj Ahsan Bin Muslim, and attended by its committee members. In this meeting, PERTANIAGA’s goal and strategy for RSPO Certification and other arising matters were discussed. CSS Field Officer, Puan Nursaiyidah Md Yusof also handed over the PERTANIAGA certificate to Hj Ahsan Bin Muslim.

CSS Field Officer, Nursaiyidah Yusof handed over the PERTANIAGA CERTIFICATE from ROS to PERTANIAGA’s President, Hj Ahsan Muslim

PERTANIAGA was established to support independent smallholder farmers within the Bingan Jaya Network in obtaining RSPO Certification. This initiative is delivered by CSS under the Smallholders Program, through a strategic partnership between MISI and Procter & Gamble (P&G). The mission of CSS is to safeguard the interest of the independent small growers and improve their livelihood while ensuring ethical and responsible sourcing for oil palm with commitments to No deforestation, no new plantation on peatlands, and no exploitation in the supply chain. Find more information about CSS at

CSS Meeting Room

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