The CSS at MISI program was highlighted in P&G Citizenship Report 2019

17 Jan 20
P&G Citizenship Report 2019

Marcus Ringdahl gets a closer look at Palm Kernel

The Center for Sustainable Small-owners (CSS) at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) has been featured in the Procter and Gamble (P&G) 2019 Citizenship Report. The involvement of MISI with the P&G program is highlighted in the section on the Oil Palm Supply Chain for Environmental Sustainability.

CSS was established through a strategic partnership between MISI and P&G. The mission of CSS at MISI is to safeguard the interest of the smallholder farmers and improve their livelihood while ensuring ethical and responsible sourcing for oil palm with commitments to no deforestation, no new plantation on peatlands and no exploitation in the supply chain.

MISI and P&G are impact partners in the RSPO Smallholder Academy and four of the RSPO staff had graduated from the first batch of the smallholder Master Trainers.

Learning from the initial pilot programs conducted by MISI, P&G has now embarked on a full-fledged smallholders program. CSS has implemented initiatives, including livelihood improvement for farmers and supply chain verification, which support the P&G Responsible Sourcing Policy.

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