Our corporate partnering brings together professionals from global companies to solve their most critical challenges in an innovative manner.

Companies that benefit most from working with MISI are:

  • Preparing to implement pivotal change
  • Evaluating supply chains in transition
  • Aiming to take their supply chains to a higher level of efficiency
  • Employing supply chain innovations to achieve corporate goals.


How organizations work with MISI

MISI has developed a robust, flexible corporate partner program that offers varying degrees of engagement so that all organizations have an opportunity to participate – and to choose the program that best matches their needs. Through various forums including online message boards, partner symposia, and our Executive Development Program courses, corporate partners use MISI as a common meeting ground where they share information, experiences, perspectives, and opinions in a collaborative and collegial setting. Organizations that want to probe deeply into specific supply chain challenges may join one or more research groups to collaborate with MISI and industry partners on trailblazing research.

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