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Living in Malaysia

Weather / Climate
Having a tropical climate, the weather in Malaysia is described as hot and humid. It gets quite warm during the day, with temperatures around 30°C, getting cooler at night, typically around 26°C. It is advisable to bring lightweight cotton clothing to best suit the climate. No thick or winter clothing is needed except in January when you are visiting MIT Boston. The monsoon season normally affects the west coast (KL and Serdang area) from November until March; so expect heavy rainfall during this period. Rain does however fall consistently throughout the year, and when it rains, it can be a real heavy downpour.

Food / Dining
Malaysia is a food paradise. Having an infusion of three cultural heritages, the food choices in Malaysia can excite even the most jaded palate. The exotic traditional Malaysian cuisines might not become staple foods for you, nor might they agree with your taste buds. If you are craving for some familiar fast food, there are McDonald’s, Burger King, A&W, KFC, Starbucks, Nando’s and a lot of other international chain restaurants to satisfy your needs.

Phone / Internet
Being far away from home can be quite overwhelming and getting in touch with friends and family back home can help alleviate feelings of homesickness and alienation. On campus, computer points and wireless connections are available to be used to connect with people from home using many types of calling and chatting software. Having a mobile phone for many, as your aware, is an absolute necessity nowadays. Thus, to avoid paying the exorbitant roaming rates charged by your mobile company from home, it is advisable that you get a prepaid SIM card once you arrive.

Religion & Culture
Malaysia is a multi-ethnic community. There are three main races, namely Malay, Chinese and Indian. There are also other ethnic tribes of the indigenous people in East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). Although the official religion of the country is Islam, everyone is free to practice his or her own religious beliefs. There are places of worship everywhere: mosques, churches, and temples that anyone can frequent. You are expected to adhere to the rules when entering these places, such as removing your shoes and donning the appropriate attire. Malaysians are generally friendly people. If you are in doubt or have any questions about directions, just stop and ask anyone on the street and more often than not they will try to help you.


Campus Facilities


Library, online facilities
The library has a collection of supply chain and logistics related books that have been recommended by MISI and MIT CTL academic staff. There are two categories of books in the library:

  • Essential textbooks or reference books which are in high demand and available for
    reading (only in the library).
  • Books available to be loaned by the students for short duration. Students also have
    online access to supply chain or logistics related journals.
  • Access to UiTM PTAR main library for online journal. Students must be physically on site
    for this service, with prior notification to MISI Academic Registrar Office.

The student SmartCard is used for borrowing books.

Improve your lifestyle, health and general wellbeing. Our spacious, air-conditioned gymnasium is fully equipped with all types of cardio vascular equipment, such as treadmills and bicycles, not to forget our free weight equipment as well as the stretch abdominal area.

This is the perfect place to unwind after your class. Relax, read the papers, chat with other members and friends and just generally chill out!

Located within the cafeteria complex is the stationary, and small convenience store, which provides all your magazines, snacks and gift items.

Driving Range
MISI is situated adjacent to a golf driving range where golf classes or individual golf tuition is available. So if you’re a keen golfer you may wish to come prepared with your golf clubs!

Computers & Laptops
Laptops are not provided and students are expected to have their own laptop available for classes. Please ensure laptops have windows based software.

Access Cards
Students will be provided with a door access card. The use of access cards will be limited to areas necessary to conduct the MSCM program.



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