Industry Studies Conference in Minneapolis

24 May 16

Dr. Shardul Phadnis
Industry Studies Conference in Minneapolis
24 & 25 May 2016

Dr. Phadnis presented his two on-going research works at the Industry Studies Conference in Minneapolis, USA on May 24 and 25. His first talk described the findings about the supply chain practices of small-and-medium enterprise (SME) retailers in Malaysia, based on the research project funded by the Ministry of Higher Education’s Fundamental Research Grant Scheme. His second talk described the implications of omnichannel retailing for the end-to-end supply chain strategies in the apparel sector. This talk extends Dr. Phadnis’ earlier research on the topic that won him the Giarratani Rising Star Award at the Industry Studies Conference last year. In addition, Dr. Phadnis also chaired a paper session as part of his service to the industry studies community.

Industry Studies Conference is the annual conference of the Industry Studies Association (ISA). ISA is an outgrowth of the industry-focused research studies funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation since 1990. ISA scholars engage in in-depth analysis of particular industries using a variety of disciplinary lenses.

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